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Atlanta Interfaith Press Release

Atlanta Faith-based and Community Organizations Speak Out against the Violent, Extremist Rhetoric
in this Year’s Presidential Campaign


[Atlanta, GA]  We must speak out before it is too late.  The vulgar and incendiary rhetoric of presidential candidate Donald Trump is repugnant to our group of community and faith leaders committed to and engaged in community building
across faith, race and political divides.

  As leaders, we deplore and stand united against hate-filled, fear-mongering and potentially violence-inciting words and actions. Calls for the mass deportation of undocumented migrants, such statements as “I think Islam hates us,” and posting quotes by Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini are blatant provocative behaviors and dangerous at many levels—not the least of which is to encourage destructive and hateful actions that unfortunately are a part of this year’s highly-charged political atmosphere.

Those seeking the highest office in the United States must build bridges, not walls. They must denounce those who harm others for no reason other than political disagreement.

We call upon Mr. Trump and all political candidates to publicly reject divisive statements, refrain from any further such pronouncements and denounce those who commit acts of violence in their name.

We call on Mr. Trump and all who seek the presidency and their campaign staffs to speak with civility and honor the dignity of all.

     We call on all those aspiring to become the President of the United States to embrace the ethic of the “Golden Rule” (that one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself), that is deeply rooted in our country’s civic and religious values.

     We invite all candidates to meet with us, faith and community leaders from across the spectrum of religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds, to educate themselves, to model civil discourse and to end the immoral and outrageous rhetoric that dominates our public square.

We have a moral responsibility to speak out against injustice, and in so doing, call our national leaders to embody compassion.

That time is now.

     This statement is issued by the following organizations: the Faith Alliance of Metro AtlantaInterfaith Community Initiatives,
Compassionate AtlantaNeshama Interfaith Center, and the Islamic Speakers Bureau.

# # #

FAMA, ICI, Compassionate Atlanta, Neshama Interfaith Center and the Islamic Speakers Bureau are non-partisan, not for profit organizations that do not endorse or oppose any political candidates.